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***This review is for demo purposes, all bonus offers are not real*** QueenVegas Casino uses advanced webcam technology to stream live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat every day.

Introduction to Woo Casino

This review concentrates on the online version of the Woo Casino game. I have played online for some time now and I must say that this is by far the most realistic online casino game as it involves real cash dealings instead of virtual ones. The best thing about the game is that it uses the very same formula that is used in offline casinos. While there are many differences between online and offline games, the mechanics of the game remain almost the same. Choosing the right type of chips to play with and the kind of cards is important in order to win. When you are looking for a real casino game then this is definitely one of the few online sites that can provide you with a real casino experience.


The design of the game is very nice. There are several game types to choose from that allow you to test your luck with various casino games. When you want to play slots you can play either progressive or non-progressive slots. The review tells us that this particular slot machine game is based on the same mechanics that we find in a normal casino.

This online casino review has some very interesting information relating to the interface that users will get when they login. The actual game play itself is pretty impressive. There is even an audio version for those who don’t want to bother logging on to the site.

Promotions at Woo Casino

Another interesting bit of information given to us by the review is the promotions that are offered. Promotions can be found on the main homepage and they include special offers and bonuses as well as other freebies. There are several promotions that give users free spins on a number of game types. Choosing the right kind of virtual casino to play on is certainly very important and getting a tutorial to guide you through the online interface should definitely be part of your decision making process.

Customer Service

The customer service offered at this online casino is very good. We were a little worried about the customer support area since we did not know how to contact them or if they even had a phone number. However, once we got the help line it was very helpful. Their customer service is excellent. It took a while for them to actually reply but it was worth the wait. They also made sure we were able to ask any questions we might have.


Overall, we thought that this online casino was a solid one. There were a couple of problems that we observed but nothing that prevented us from being able to play our games. The bonus seems to be a very substantial one. All players should consider signing up for this online casino. It may not be the best as the next site but it does provide a nice place for players to start playing. In the end, it is really up to you and what you want out of an online casino.

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