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***This review is for demo purposes, all bonus offers are not real*** QueenVegas Casino uses advanced webcam technology to stream live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat every day.

King Billy Casino – How to Spend $200 Per Spent Slot

When it comes to casinos, there’s little doubt about it – King Billy Casino is King. That’s because the self-styled “King of Las Vegas” has won the jackpot four of his past five visits to the famed “desert island casino” – the most in the history of the event! And as he prepares for what promises to be another reign atop the infamous board, King Billy is turning the page on his gaming empire. He’s bringing the hard stuff to the internet.

General Information

Yes, sir, can really boogie. The legendary ballad from the seventies still powers pop culture, even if you haven’t been on the Vegas circuit for decades: the Baccarat team, led by “King” Billy, comes to mind whenever one considers King Billy s casino ventures. But King Billy Casino doesn’t just boogie: the casino he operates now also features a casino online that offers a range of different games and an all-new wave of gaming options. This means that King Billy is new stretching his empire into the world beyond the Strip.

But what exactly is new? Well, aside from the fact that the King has an entire casino online to play in addition to his current baccarat room, that is. While the online casinos were previously operated by a single individual (yes, the same King Billy that introduced the game to the World), King Billy Casino has created a whole new level of customer support for its players. In addition to phone and live chat support, the new online casino makes available to each of its customers (including players with laptops and desktops as well as those without them) a full suite of casino services. These services include:


First, betsoft is the online casino’s main slots provider. Betsoft allows players to place bets on the many different slots games offered at the casino. It does this through its own application which allows the player to customize a virtual casino and place bets, both winning and losing, right from their computer. In addition to this, bet soft system allows the player to keep track of their winnings and losses by logging into their accounts via the site’s interface.

King Billy Casino Bonus Features

Next, we have the welcome bonus. This section of the King Billy Casino website includes a section meant to welcome new players and inform them about the casino’s high standards for customer service. Along with the welcome bonus, the website also offers information on how patrons can make use of the casino’s low house edge as well as the casino’s zero acceptance policy for all forms of credit cards. Finally, a host of useful casino tips and instructions are listed in the welcome bonus area as well as a link to the casino’s online casino account.


After these two sections, a new section entitled “Thank You” comes up. Here, patrons can place notes regarding various casino services, as well as an explanation of the “200 free spins” that they can get from using their credit cards. The casino also lists the name of each of the credit card processors used by its patrons. These processor names are highlighted in blue; the colors used by the world’s most famous casinos. The casino further explains that each of the card’s logos is linked to a website that features information about that particular card and the bonus offered by the casino.

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